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Why doTERRA? Why Living The Essential Life?

Why doTERRA? Why Living The Essential Life?

I get asked often, “Why THIS essential oil company? Out of all of the other companies out there … and other forms of business … and a nice stable JOB … why would you do this?”

There are several reasons.

oil-drop-gold-thEssential oils have changed our lives
 and empowered our wellness,  changed our families lives, and continually change countless numbers of other people’s lives! We want to get them in the hands of as many people as we possibly can!

oil-drop-gold-thThese oils are on a mission of their own, to create wellness in everyone who uses them.

oil-drop-gold-thThis empowerment has allowed us greater freedom; health is a precious asset and the oils help us to live in health.

oil-drop-gold-thThe income opportunity: it is for real. Not some pie-in-the-sky hyped-up impossible for all but the lucky few sort of number, but REAL people earning REAL money by sharing REAL product with REAL people. The entire business model is focused on helping people reach their goals, whatever those goals may be! As for us – We have some really audacious goals, including helping lots of other people earn money doing what they love. Are you one of them?

oil-drop-gold-thThis business opportunity is affordable to begin and to maintain (much more so than most other network marketing companies), simple to do (no complex ordering for other people, no deliveries, no complicated structure to understand), and is sustainable as you grow. If you follow TWO simple steps we can help you earn a check your first week.

oil-drop-gold-thThis is a business built both by your own efforts, and by teamwork. It’s no “get rich quick” scheme – this involves consistent work (though it isn’t particularly hard work). This combination produces true residual income.

oil-drop-gold-thYou don’t have to be a salesman. The oils sell themselves. All you have to do is introduce people to one of the oldest forms of wellness on the planet. People quickly fall in love with them!

oil-drop-gold-thThe company we chose is a company with the highest integrity, both in people and product. We belong to a team of the highest integrity. We want to work with people of the highest integrity. The company is stable in terms of longevity, financials, and innovation for the future. Our company is also international, and its distributors are encouraged to build overseas as well as in their home country.

oil-drop-gold-thThis is not your typical MLM company. We had done other network marketing businesses before (and failed miserably). The company we work with now is truly a company of excellence. There are no shenanigans. There’s no hype. There’s no “flash in the pan” type stuff. No pump-you-up meetings. We value relationship, even if it could cost us business.

oil-drop-gold-thThe company cares about its employees, its distributors, its growers and distillers, the environment, and the world. They have an amazing humanitarian foundation that is changing lives all over the planet. They also have an amazing commitment to permaculture, sustainable practices, and fair trade.

oil-drop-gold-thThe training and mentoring we offer is the best anywhere. You’ll get fantastic resources so you can learn how to use the oils, and we have top-notch training for people who wish to share oils and earn an income on any level. The people on this team will pour their time, energy, and resources into the lives of those who wish to succeed.

oil-drop-gold-thThere are some great perks to becoming a distributor, including wholesale pricing, the opportunity to earn free products through two amazing programs, and the opportunity to earn commissions in five different ways. You also get your own ordering portal and team management page, plus a FREE personal web site you can refer potential customers to. And although there are a few rules to follow, for the most part you are free to build your business how YOU see fit.

oil-drop-gold-thWe get to empower people to be advocates of wellness for themselves, their families, and the people they care about.

We don’t think there’s a better way to live! Please call Kay and Ken at 910-859-1150 or contact us online to get more information! We can meet with you in person or via Skype, answer your questions, and help you to get started on this journey!

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