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Summertime means watching out for ticks! Here are three ways to stay safe this summer:

#1 – Use TerraShield. Many people add a few drops of Geranium and Lemongrass to the spray bottle for extra effectiveness against ticks (also keeps the skeeters away!)

#2 – Check for ticks daily. Ticks can climb up from the ground, fall from trees, come from pets and other people, and sometimes, it seems, appear out of thin air. Check thoroughly and often, and remove the tick safely.

#3 – Use oils to boost your immune system, but seek medical advice if you are concerned about having been bitten. It’s also wise to seek advice if you aren’t sure you were bitten, but develop flu-like aches and pains, headaches, or rashes during tick season. Getting a definitive diagnosis allows you to make the wisest response.

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