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Summer Danger: Jellyfish

Summer Danger: Jellyfish

Beachgoers beware – jellyfish live in the water. When you swim, you’re invading their territory and you should be watchful and cautious.

While some jellies, like the Moon Jellyfish, are harmless and you may not even feel a tingle if you brush up against them, others like the Man O War (pictured here) and the North American Box Jelly can leave you with stings severe enough to warrant a trip to the ER.

Tentacles travel long distances behind the Jelly, so you might not even see what is causing you to hurt so badly.

If you are in the water and suddenly feel like you’ve been electrocuted or whipped with stinging nettles, GET OUT and ask for help.

Immediately start hydrating yourself (water, gatorade) and apply Purify and Lavender to the area that has been stung. Use a credit card to scrape tentacles off your skin if they have adhered (be careful not to touch them!). You may also wish to apply Frankincense (to help soothe) and use a calming oil to help soothe your mind. Continue applying oils until you have relief.

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