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Referral or Business – You Decide!

Referral or Business – You Decide!

sharing is caring but you don't have to do an essential oils business to share

Why making a referral may be better for you than “doing the business” of essential oils:

Hi there, friend.

You’ve said – adamantly, even – that you don’t want to start an essential oils business.

I hear you. 

I believe in this business, in the business model, in the oils, in the income potential, and most importantly, in you! However, I totally get it when people say, “Not my thing.” One of the beautiful things about dōTERRA is that you can choose to be a customer. You never have to fiddle with the business at all if you don’t want to.

But you really have to be prepared for something …

Do a referral when someone sees you sniffing a bottle of essential oil... Usually it happens when someone sees you sniffing a bottle. Or they might notice that you’ve lost weight, have more energy, or have less problems then you used to have. Then, the inevitable question comes… how do I learn more?

Some people have said that leaves them in an awkward position if someone asks about the oils you’re using, but I disagree. It leaves you in a place of power.

Here’s how to make a referral:

  1. Let them try some of your oils (but don’t sell them yours – see below).
  2. You can call us (or the person who introduced you to doTERRA) for guidance. Our number is 910-859-1150.
  3. Refer the person who is interested to us (they can call or email).
  4. Ask us to come and teach a class for a group of interested friends. It’s easy – just invite friends and we do the rest.
  5. Ask us to set up a Zoom or Facebook class for your friends!
  6. Refer your friend to our website.
  7. Share a resource like Healthy Can Be Simple with them, then give them our number.

Here’s why you shouldn’t sell your friend or family oils from your account … you didn’t want to be
in business, right?
Selling them oils means you’ve got tax implications, deliveries to make, money to coordinate … what a hassle! Plus your friend loses the opportunity to have their own wholesale account, qualify for specials, earn LRP points, even earn an income … you wouldn’t want to deprive them of all of that, would you?

By making the referral, you can still earn great incentives! We give something nice for referrals and class hosts, ranging from oils to diffusers to jewelry, depending on the time of year. You also get the satisfaction of genuinely helping people … without actually starting a business.

Be sure your friends tell us you sent them, so you get the referral bonuses!

If you read this and you’re all about “no, show me the money”, you’ll want to read our opportunity post instead.


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