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Essential Oils for Realtors

Essential Oils for Realtors

Hello, Realtor friends!

I’m sure you already know that many people are ditching chemical air fresheners and candles. Realtors, especially, are removing them from their home-showing plans because they contribute to indoor air pollution, give people headaches and congestion, and give the impression that something is being covered up. What smell are you trying to mask? Chemical air fresheners give potential buyers a terrible impression.

So what do you? Many homes still need that little bit of “fresh air” before you show them.

Essential oils and a diffuser are the perfect solution! The brand we trust, dōTERRA, is trusted by professionals around the world because their oils are pure and extremely potent. While most “essential oils” available in stores these days are no better than the synthetic fragrances in air fresheners, dōTERRA’s oils are guaranteed to be toxin-free and completely safe for the body!

Use a diffuser for showings, open houses, and even for client meetings in your office. We recommend citrus oils like Lemon, Wild Orange, Grapefruit, or Citrus Bliss. If there’s a strong odor present (remember that time the homeowner wasn’t thinking and cooked fish for dinner last night?), try Purify or Lemongrass and Peppermint. You can also diffuse Lavender to promote feelings of trust.

Scent has a powerful effect on our memories and emotions. Have you ever smelled something and it just smelled like HOME? Or have you ever caught an aroma on the air and thought, “Fresh!” or “Inviting” or “Serene”? Our oils can help to create a powerful first impression on your buyer.

In a pinch, you can even add a drop to the air vents in a home! The citrus oils also act as a great emergency cleaner, for if the homeowner’s toddler JUST colored on the walls or you discover something sticky on a countertop. The possibilities are endless.

You can also offer essential oils as a “Welcome To Your New Home” gift. A basket of all-natural cleaning products, or a diffuser and an oil or two, are a great way to say thank you to a client.

In the process of using oils for showings, you’ll also be able to reap the health benefits for yourself. Use oils like On Guard to keep your immune system at optimal health. DigestZen is great for tummy troubles. Peppermint is great if you’ve got head or neck tension. Balance is absolutely essential for when you’ve had a meeting with “that client”. Wild Orange is a great pick-me-up oil on a long day. We can show you how to use oils for your whole family!

Many realtors also introduce clients, friends, and family to essential oils, and earn a side income for themselves (or even work towards an oil business as their primary income source).


We specialize in helping realtors to leverage essential oil usage in their business! Give Kay a call today at 910-859-1150 to learn more.

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