Prosperity Revolution

Essential oils are more than just a wellness revolution – they are a prosperity revolution as well!

Who prospers? 

photo-1462598433584-d7ffa5a70489You can prosper through building a business with dōTERRA. This is something you do at your own pace – you could work toward getting your own oils paid for, a family vacation, or even replacement income.

Your family can prosper through having a new stream of income that will also provide time freedom, opportunities to travel, and more.

Your team can prosper as you introduce more and more people to essential oils. Those who choose to do the business with you will grow in the same ways.

The world prospers because dōTERRA, through Co-Impact Sourcing and Healing Hands, chooses to bless and prosper our growers and distillers and the communities they live and work in.

Join a team you can TRUST and that will SUPPORT you in reaching your goals! 

Kay & Ken Sharpe have used essential oils for years, and have also been a part of several network marketing companies. When they found doTERRA, they jumped in and haven’t looked back. They have currently built to the rank of Gold and have a plan for “massive action” that will help others to accomplish the same thing! The beauty of this particular essential oil company is that leaders who are empowered to achieve will immediately turn around and pour their wisdom and experience into other people, helping them achieve the same thing!

Being part of this team ensures that you will get hands-on training and materials, plus access to the best resources and people to help you grow your business. We even have a team member who operates a store where you can purchase all sorts of oily supplies (no shipping charges and no long waits for delivery)! We have a team Facebook page where we discuss all matters of business daily. This team likes to have fun together, with lots of planned trainings, great participation in local and national events, and even fun get-togethers and outings. We really strive to be relational, because relationship is what undergirds this business and helps us maintain people – YOU – as the important thing, not numbers or sales or performance.

TEAM Living the Essential Life is a very diverse team geographically, economically, racially, and philosophically – but we all agree upon and adhere to a foundation of integrity, honor, truth, and professionalism. Because of this, people feel comfortable just being themselves in our group. When you’re free like that, you are naturally able to flourish and build.

You get great perks for joining this team – free resources, assistance with teaching your first few classes, in-person training and mentoring, placement in our organization that will help you grow at the pace you choose, contests, and much more.

Want to join our team? Want more info? Give us a call at 910-859-1150. We will schedule a 30-40 minute consultation with you so you can get the information you need to decide if oils are a good fit for your family’s wellness, and if the business is a good fit for your prosperity.



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