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No More Factory Farms

No More Factory Farms

When the company owns the farm, the company profits. GMOs, Roundup, fertilizer, slave labor, unfair trade practices, and poverty all result from company-owned farms. A few get rich off the sweat of the many.

When the people own the farm, and the company encourages them to form cooperatives and work together, utilizing empowered and sustainable growing practices, and the company pays fair trade wages and provides capital essentials like clean water wells, schools, clinics, hygiene kits, food, disaster relief and more, what happens?

  • Entire villages and countries profit. They are lifted from poverty.
  • Historical factions between clans and tribes get erased as people work together. As security increases, so does peace.
  • There’s no need for the cut-throat competitiveness that drives adulteration, contamination, and low-quality product.
  • The ecosystem profits as sustainable and organic growing practices are employed.
  • You profit, by getting TRULY the best quality products in the world.
  • Ultimately, the company profits too – in a huge way.

There’s a difference between companies that say “we own the farms” and companies that say “we love the people” … This holds true whether we’re discussing food, household goods, or essential oils (especially essential oils). This is why our family trusts dōTERRA. Want to know more? Contact us!

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