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Natural Design of Wellness

Natural Design of Wellness

Your body was designed to work in specific ways. When it does, we say “we are well”, and when it doesn’t, we say “We are sick.” All too often in our culture, we say “We are sick” and instead of focusing on supporting the body’s natural ability to be well, we focus on the sickness, applying bandaid after bandaid to the problem. The layer of bandaids becomes so thick, more bandaids are needed to hold it all together.

wellnessdiagramLiving the Essential Life is all about learning how to focus on that natural design of wellness. The question should never be, “I’m sick – what should I take?” — it should be “how do I help my body be at its best?” 

What if you could feel fantastic almost all the time – and not just in your youth, but also through adulthood and senior citizenship? What if, instead of feeling like something in you is broken, you could feel WHOLE – physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

And what if, on those rare occasions that you feel less than fantastic, there were tools you could use to help your body return to its natural state?

Essential oils make up a big part of our toolbox.


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