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Living The PRODUCTIVE Life

Living The PRODUCTIVE Life

living the essential life - be productive in your doterra business - buy essential oils

Want to be more productive in your doTERRA business?

be productive in your doterra business - living the essential life - buy the best essential oils for health through us
Being productive in your doTERRA business (or any network marketing, direct sales, or entrepreneurial venture) is not hard — but we never really seem to achieve it. Why?
How would you like to start working smarter, not harder? What would it feel like to truly accomplish something at the end of the day? And bottom line: Do you want to make more money and waste less time?
Here are some important tips for you. These tips are written specifically for doTERRA business partners but any entrepreneur can adapt them and put them to use.

1. Have established work hours.

You DO keep a calendar…. don’t you? The first question I’m going to ask if I’m coaching you and you’re not reaching your goals is whether you’ve got your work times scheduled. It doesn’t matter if it’s online, like Google Calendar, or a paper planner. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to be functional. If you’re a “builder” personality and like things pretty, be sure to feed that need. 
First, figure out what hours are “work” hours. Are you going to work in the evenings after another job? Are you going to spend the afternoons making phone calls? You’ll need to put in your non-work activities too, such as soccer practice, church, your “other job” – anything that is a fixed point in time where you must do something.
Now that you know WHEN you’re going to work, pencil in a rough draft of what you’ll be doing when.
Having a *set* schedule is really helpful (for example, I always work on admin stuff on Mondays. I always do coaching on Wed/Thurs mornings. I always try to do out-of-home meetings on Thursday mornings and afternoons. )
TIP: Only use erasable writing materials. I used to use pencil but my heart CRAVES colour, so I switched to these particular Frixion “coloured pencil” pens. Don’t let the “pencil” name throw you … these write like a ballpoint but way better. The ink is gorgeous and they are erasable. If you’d rather use a highlighter, Frixion makes those, too.

2. Establish routines.

You need a set routine for things like coaching, sales, housework, kid-stuff, etc. Some things can be put on auto-pilot or done the same way every time, so you don’t have to constantly reinvent the wheel. For business, get Emerge trained. Automate your emails. Have checklists. Use a CRM that connects your emails, your lists, your to-do’s, and your calendar (I use LessAnnoyingCRM)
For your life, get your bills on auto-pay. You can even get an app that turns your lights on and off at specified times and keeps your thermostat where it needs to be. Whatever it takes. 

3. Schedule buffer times.

I like to allow about 30 minutes between meetings if I’m travelling (in addition to travel time) when possible; this means that even if there’s a bit of traffic, you’ll arrive early and unstressed. Even at home, it’s good to schedule a 15 minute break in between phone meetings. The general rule is, the bigger the meeting, the more buffer to schedule around it. You can fill “buffer time” with either “free stuff” – knit for a while, go for a walk, dance around your office – start dinner in your Instant Pot during a late-afternoon buffer – or you can do quick phone calls, check in with Voxer or your texts, etc. Then if you don’t end up having that time because a meeting ran over or you hit traffic, you’re not going to freak out. 
One benefit of this approach is the ability to mentally shift gears. If you have young children, try adding this to their routine – a 15 minute “buffer” between finishing painting and starting lunch, or between playing outside and taking a bath, often helps kids to mentally adjust to the new activity without tears.


4. Be intentional and fit other things around doTERRA – even if you aren’t working with a lot of time.

Fit doTERRA into nooks and crannies of your life only if you are a hobbyist or sharer (and it’s perfectly okay to be that if you want!) 
If you’re a serious builder and want to make real money at this, you’ll need to be very intentional about your time.
Prioritize serving your future and present customers well by selling them the best starter kit, helping them get on LLV and LRP right from the start, and ensuring they have a way to get ongoing product knowledge. Put doterra-related items on the calendar and get them done, whether you’re working on your business two hours a week or twenty. 
Bonus Tip: If you’re on super-tight timeframes or have a lot to get done, set a timer. This is also good for those “huge” projects that might take days to get done, like re-organizing your closets or setting up your home office. Work tends to expand into the amount of time you allot to it. Set a timer for 25 minutes, do all that you can in that time frame, then move on. (Learn more about “pomodoro” and “Parkinson’s Law” for more info)

5. Work on the RIGHT things.

Always remember, doing the right amount of the right things is way better than doing tons and tons and tons of work on the wrong things! Even at Presidential Diamond level, you will never spend less than 50% of your time on new business/customer retention/recruiting.
Don’t fall into the trap we did, where we thought once we reached a certain level, our team would build it for us (and their team for them, and so on). It doesn’t work that way. You’ve simply got to keep the main thing the main thing for yourself and your team. 
What are the right things? Enroll Customers – Empower Customers – Recruit Builders – Empower Builders. If you don’t do the first two, the last two will NEVER happen.

6. Have a dedicated space to work.

I cannot stress this enough. Even if all of your “doterra stuff” fits in a box and you pull the box out to your cleared-off kitchen table, that’s just fine! A dedicated corner or a spare bedroom is even better.  Be sure your space is clean and organized; if it’s not (sometimes it just can’t be “right now”), it might be better to work out of a coffee shop. If you can, make it beautiful and inspiring. If you’re on a budget, install some art or a vinyl quote that inspires you. Make it a place where the magic can happen. 
You also want to have devices that WORK – I highly recommend a MacBook Air or an iPad Pro with keyboard and pencil as your primary device, and an iPhone X as your portable. Yes, I am EXTREMELY biased. 🙂


7. Keep your “Class Bag” packed at all times.

In this bag you’ll have your scripts, kit pictures, 10-16 oils, LLV, Deep Blue rub, enrollment forms, pens, and business cards. (If you’re teaching classes rather than 1:1’s you’ll also want a diffuser). Simply invest in a nice-looking bag and oils case and you’ll look all classy. People will be super-impressed and think that it’s easy to do what you do (because it is!)
Which oils? I bring the 10 oils from the Family/Home Essentials Kits, but I bring an assortment of 5ml (Family Essentials), and 15ml (Home Essentials). I also usually sub out the Deep Blue bottle for the roller and bring the Rub as well.
I add a couple of Emotional Aromatherapy oils, Clary Calm, In Tune, Balance, and Serenity.
And that’s it! People don’t need to actually experience more than six to ten of those oils at a 1:1 or class.


8. Eliminate distractions.

You will struggle to be productive when there’s chaos reigning around you. Take control! This might mean turning off TV/music (or turning it on for the kids so you can have focused time), working in the early AM or late PM, going to a coffee shop to work, hiring a babysitter, etc.
This also sometimes means that if there’s a mess and your mind is fixated on it, you stop work, set a timer, and deal with the mess. Even better, though, is to simply schedule a day during the month when you sort messes and that’s all you do.
And whatever you do, do not be a slave to notifications. TURN THEM OFF when you’re working. All of them. Yes, even facebook. Yes, even Voxer. Yes, even the “ding” of a text message. Yes, even the ringer. Let your team and family know how often you will check and return calls. Don’t let anyone convince you that they need you right now, unless it’s family and there’s fire, flood, or blood involved. Trust me – they can wait. If you really want peace, turn them ALL off, ALL the time.
I adore Apple’s “Do Not Disturb” feature. I use it during the day at strategic times, and then it comes on automatically at night when I’m in bed. I get ZERO calls, texts, voxers, facebook messages, etc. between the hours of 9pm and 7am unless someone calls me twice, back to back. I don’t publicize that (well, until now LOL) … but my team knows that they can call and leave a voicemail, text, vox, whatever and they won’t be waking me up; I return those calls when I start work in the morning.

9. Track your numbers.

Use your sales tracker, calculate your profit and loss, figure out your fast start, check your retention rate, keep up with your mileage. Be diligent. Businesses that don’t track their numbers don’t do well, die a slow death, and cost you more money than you make. A business that is productive, by nature, produces and needs to be tracked and quantified. (Yes, that is also bitter experience talking).
For financial tracking, QuickBooks is the gold standard. Most of us need the subscription-based Self Employed edition. BONUS: It keeps up with your mileage, too.

Which of these have you implemented?

Comment below and let me know! Have tips of your own? Please share! 

This small list has emerged as I’ve worked my way through the Your Direct Sales Foundation and Your Leadership Foundation courses at Emerge Sales Training. If you are a serious business builder in any direct sales biz (not just doTERRA), you need to take these courses for optimum success. We do not get a kickback or commission from this referral (we do from other links on this page). We just know how awesome and life changing these classes are! The list also emerged as I spoke with my friend and mentor, Kerry Kasotsky, of K&M Masterminds in Wilmington. She’s awesome! 

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