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dōTERRA January 2018 Specials & Contests

dōTERRA January 2018 Specials & Contests

Good news for you … doTERRA’s January 2018 Specials & Contests include:

😁 FREE Frankincense 😁 FREE Wild Orange  😁 10% off TerraGreens 😁
😁 Start Fresh Campaign (if you haven’t ordered in a while) 😁
😁 New Year New You (brand new enrollments) 😁
😁 Referral Contest  😁 200PV Contest  😁

Happy New Year!

I find it amazing that New Year’s Day is a Monday this year. I love Mondays! This is the time of new beginnings, fresh starts, grand plans, resolutions, and renewal.

Break up with your past. Let go of things that hurt you and let go of people who have tried to drag you down. Stop waiting. Dare to hope again, dare to dream again, and dare to take audacious action to see those hopes and dreams come alive in 2018!

Want to try a different approach to resolutions? Create action steps, not outrageous goals. Sure, you might resolve to “lose weight and work out” but without tangible and achievable actions, you’ll never see it come to pass. In fact, trying to change too much at once without a solid and actionable game plan leaves you feeling deprived and desperate.

Instead, try setting ONE easily-achievable action step for each goal you have. Seriously, make it easy for yourself to #win. Want to lose weight? Cut soda. Then once you’re not craving coke,  cut out cake. Want to go to the gym more? Schedule (in your calendar or planner) one time a week going to the gym. Treat it as a vital appointment. Then as that becomes a habit, schedule another.

Tim Ferriss has some great info on this approach. If getting out of debt is your plan, check out Free To Give. I can also refer you to someone who specializes in coaching you to financial freedom (just click reply and I’ll get you in touch). And yes – there’s oils to help you achieve your goals! 

But for now, read on … we have Free Frankincense and Free Wild Orange, a contest to win Copaiba, Fresh Start Reactivation Campaign AND New Year New You! 

January Freebies


FREE WILD ORANGE10% Off TerraGreens

All LRP orders processed for 125PV or higher by the 15th will get a free bottle of Wild Orange. (and if you do 200PV you’ll get Frankincense and Wild Orange for free,

Win Copaiba!

Each 200PV order you place between now and January 15th gets you an entry into our contest for a bottle of Copaiba! If you place four 200PV orders (the maximum), you’ll get TEN entries!

You must be a current or enrolling wholesale customer or wellness advocate on team Living The Essential Life.  All orders will be verified. Drawing is on 1/16.

Place your order & enter!

What if you haven’t ordered in a while? Good news for you! 

If it’s been 4 or more months since you placed an order, you can really rack up the freebies AND choose your level of engagement. To maximize the # of freebies you get, choose the 200PV Loyalty Rewards option (be sure to enter our contest above, too!) NOTE: You *must* enter the promo code in the new shopping cart. To get free Frankincense too, you have to process your order by 11:59am on 1/15. Need help? Let us know. 

NOTE: If it’s been more than 6 months since you last ordered, please get in touch with us; we might want to help you move to a better spot on our team AND you’ll get a free gift for doing so! It’s totally optional to do so; click reply for help! 


Not sure **HOW** to start over?

Take advantage of a FREE 30-minute wellness consult with the person who introduced you to doTERRA.
(ask us if that’s someone you’re not in touch with on a regular basis, we’re happy to help!)

Would you like to get started with doTERRA this month?

If you don’t already have wholesale membership, you can get $100 in free oils by placing qualifying January and February orders.Do you have a friend who might be interested in getting started with oils?
If you’re a business builder, or would like to be, let me know and I’ll give you the info you need to qualify them so you get a cash bonus.

Not interested in business building? That’s perfectly all right. We ❤️ our customers and appreciate that not everyone wants to build a doTERRA business.

Simply fill out this referral form and your doTERRA person will get in touch with your friend. If they qualify for New Year New You, you’ll get a special surprise in the mail from us 🙂 


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