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Instant Energy Boost

Instant Energy Boost

In that moment where you feel like a slug -there’s a solution. lemon-close-up-1505650

Safer. Cheaper. More effective.

Instead of reaching for the second or third cup of coffee, or an energy drink, or just sitting at your desk dozing off, try this: rub a single drop of Lemon essential oil on your foot, right in the middle (if you want to get technical, over the liver/kidney accupressure points). But really, right across the middle will do.

Put on your socks, go about your day – most people seem to feel a boost after 30 minutes or so. It sure does for me – and lasts all day! I feel fantastic. It’s also boosted my mood (which hadn’t been good lately, probably due to not having much outside time!)


For your safety, there is only ONE brand of essential oils to use: dōTERRA.


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