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Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Immerse The Glass! Living The Essential LifeYou’ve heard it before… is your glass half full or half empty? Or you may have heard that in the spirit, it’s overflowing regardless of how it looks. Or that it’s only half-empty until you refill it. Or some other such nonsense.

Oooh yes. Kay used the N-word. (I use that word a lot. Nonsense. So many things in our lives are nonsense. I’m on a campaign to expose and eradicate nonsense from the world).

So many people use the analogy of “is the glass empty, half-full, half-empty, full, overflowing” … there are 100001 variations to the question, but I’ve never heard a single one get this right.

The TRUTH is, the glass is always full. ALWAYS. In fact, you can’t un-fill that glass. Don’t believe me?

Walk over to your kitchen cupboard and grab a glass. Set it on the counter before you. Stick your finger in the glass. What’s in there? What’s all around you?

AIR. The glass is FULL of air. Turn it upside down. Does the air pour out? Nope!

It can’t, in fact, be un-filled with air unless one fills it with liquid. Liquid displaces the air, causing it to flow out of the cup into the atmosphere, and then, if you keep pouring, liquid will eventually flow out of the glass too.

My point, though, is this: The cup is never empty. It always runneth over. The question REALLY is, what is your cup full of? Is it fresh, sweet, drinkable water … or just air?

So then, the analogy becomes, “I must be filled, I need a source to pour into me.”

So take that cup and fill it to the brim with spring water* and have a big drink. Let someone you love drink a few sips. See how that water level decreases? You’re in a better place than half-full or half-empty, but needing to continually be re-filled.

There’s a better way. Fill your sink with water and put the glass in it. It’ll never be empty again.

Today, I challenge you … go and saturate yourself in God. You can do this at home or in your office, out in nature, in your car – anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you sit at rest or get your body moving. Use music, or silence. The important part is to be fully immersed in Him … and stay there!

*Never, ever drink tap water from a city supply.

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