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Goo, be gone!

Goo, be gone!

Earlier today, my amazingly sweet and wonderful husband installed an over-the-range microwave for me… and we got rid of the old countertop unit.

20131125_175247Suddenly, I had a ton of counter space. I was practically singing with joy. That is, until realized that at some point in the last 2.5 years that the microwave sat in that spot, a piece of paper got underneath it, got wet, and became adhered to the countertop.

LIKE GLUE. Only worse.

I took a wet washcloth and scrubbed vigorously for several minutes – only a bit of it came off. Then the lightbulb went off in my head – lemon oil is a solvent for glue!

So I grabbed my trusty bottle of  Lemon Essential Oil. I wasn’t sure how much I would need, so I applied just one drop to the center of the paper. I took my finger and rubbed it all over the paper.

20131125_1754561I waited about 1 minute, then took a dab at it with the washcloth. To my surprise, nearly all of the paper came off with no scrubbing. A second wipe with the washcloth removed the last little bit. No scrubbing, no fuss, no muss. No sticky residue on the counter. No nasty chemicals, either. I was definitely singing at that point!

PLEASE NOTE: We only trust dōTERRA brand essential oils – even for cleaning! Why? When you clean, you are breathing and touching the product you are using, so it’s going into your lungs and skin – plus you are potentially leaving a residue on your counters. By only using essential oils that are safe to ingest, you know you are using a product that is completely natural and wonderful.

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