Filling capsules, making rollers. Learn about the dōTERRA immunity bomb, an essential oil blend we use to protect our health and immune system.

Today’s video is called The dōTERRA Immunity Bomb or FLOOMP.

This is what you’ll use all winter long to protect against seasonal threats. Adults can use capsules and babies and young children can use a diluted roller ball on their feet.

You’ll reach for this blend if you start to feel sniffly or scratchy, or if there’s “something” going around at work or school. Additionally, many people use the rollerball blend on a daily basis throughout the season. Just apply to the feet!


Only doTERRA oils are safe for this. You don’t want to ingest or apply oils that contain chemical adulterants, so the “oils” you buy at the store or through mail order companies are NOT safe. This is true even if they use words like “pure” or “organic” – those claims are almost always unfounded when third party lab testing is done.

doTERRA’s oils are tested and safe for internal use.


Essential oils will change your life and improve your health! Have you scheduled your free consult yet?


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