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Dosh Instant Cash

Dosh Instant Cash

This app CLAIMS to give you cash for shopping, plus generous referral bonuses when friends sign up. Is it true?

Dosh is an app (Android, iPhone) that claims to give you cash for shopping (both local and online). Simply link your credit cards and the app “watches” your purchases and will give you rebates, coupons, special offers, and more. You also get generous referral bonuses, and even can make your first few dollars just by signing up and linking your cards. Simply click our referral link so that you get cash back and we get the referral bonus. Once you get signed up, you can post the referral link on your social media and do the same!


In a word, yes. I read numerous reviews about how the app works, security, and whether the payments are legit. One of the best reviews I read about Dosh is from HiYa, which is a “neutral” reviewer of all things consumers might buy. Yes, Dosh is legit. Dosh is real. Dosh is awesome.

One of my biggest hesitations was card security (especially in this day and age). But, the company seems to have a stellar reputation. Their security is SSL encrypted, PCI compliant, uses mult-factor authentication and will send you account alerts if there’s anything unusual happening. I have ID Shield protection and, as long as I’m taking the usual precautions, I don’t worry much about identity theft. PLUS my cards are through American Express, so not only do I earn Delta Skymiles, I also have the best fraud protection on the planet. (Want an Amex card? I’ve got a special offer for you to get an American Express Delta Skymiles Card that includes $50 statement credit AND 50,000 miles)

Cash Back Coupons & Rebates

Nearby (Wilmington, NC) we get 7.5% offers at the Hallmark store, 10% at Denny’s, 2% at Cost Plus World Market, and more. Simply shop with your connected card and the funds will get deposited to your account.

Not only does Dosh give you the coupons and rebates for your local shopping, it also connects you with rebates for online shopping (from retailers you normally shop at). A quick scan shows me anywhere from 1.5% at Target, 2.2% at Kohls, 3% at Wal-Mart and Big Lots, all the way up to 7.5% at Bed Bath & Beyond. Simply click to see the offers (for example, “Free shipping + 7.5% cash back on Starbucks K-cups at Bed Bath & Beyond” or “Buy one get one 50% off PLUS 3% cash back on all headphones, chargers, etc. at Big Lots”. So there is some shopper savvy strategy involved.

How The Signup and Referral Bonuses Work

When you sign up, you have to enter a code to connect your mobile device and click a link in your email. Nice and secure, right? Then, link all your credit cards. With the first, you get $5 and then you get a $1 for each two cards after that (not sure if there’s a limit, but how many cards can a person have?). There are a few limitations, like you can’t connect a store card, and you can’t have two people using the same card on different accounts (note that some credit cards actually use the same number for multiple users).

To get the referral bonus, someone has to sign up through your link, connect a card, and then redeem a cash back offer. Easy-peasy.

But wait, there’s more: Dosh Rebates for travel, too!

Simply click the travel button to connect to hotel rebates all over the world! Some of them are small (several dollars) but some hotels are a lot more. Here’s what seems to be a typical deal, at our favourite Saint Augustine Beach hotel, La Fiesta Ocean Inn & Suites.

If you’ve never stayed there, La Fiesta is a great hotel right on the ocean. It’s got a gorgeous pool and nice rooms. The people are the sweetest ever. If you’ve got extra cash (maybe that you earned from Dosh!) there is also the nicest bed & breakfast there too.

As you can see, Google and Dosh both give me the same rate for the room of $136, but if I book with Dosh I’ll get $10.53 back. Upgrading the room to Deluxe would give me $14.58 back.

Legit Cash

It’s simple to cash out your Dosh earnings. Simply link a Paypal, Venmo, or bank account and the money goes to you right away. Super easy-peasy.

Want in?

While I was typing this, I got a notification that someone had already joined from my link on Facebook. Like I said, it’s super-easy to join. Risk free. Start earning immediately. Click here from your mobile device to join Dosh!  

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