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Current Specials

Current Specials

December 2017: Celebrate The Holidays With Us

Myrrh is 10% off all month long. You’ll use Myrrh for oral health and minor skin irritations, overall beautifying of the skin, and emotional wellness. The aroma is very grounding and peaceful. You can also apply to a newborn’s umbilical cord site to speed healing.

If you place a 125PV Loyalty Rewards Order by December 15th, you’ll get 5ml Holiday Joy & an ornament. Holiday Joy really is joyful! Don’t miss out.

All 200PV orders get free Frankincense (including enrollment orders!). Frankincense is known as the King of Oils because it’s good for literally everything. You’ll especially want it for soothing tension in the head and body, aches and pains, and helping cells remember and align with their original design. You’ll also want it as a powerful emotional support.


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