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Gluten Free Impossible Pie

They call it the impossible pie, but my friend, it’s so very easy, gluten free, and oh! so tasty. We’ve been travelling non-stop for five months. First it was Diamond Club, then it was time for The Real Santa. Because t’is the season, right? One of the things I learned during Diamond Club is that…
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Favourite Holiday Recipes & DIY’s

Kay Sharpe: Here are some great recipes from doTERRA Blog to liven up your holidays! FOOD: Gingerbread Cookies Cranberry-Lime Spritzer Peppermint Black Bean Brownies (gluten free!) Winter White Hot Chocolate DIY: Bath Salt Ornaments Candy Cane Sugar Scrub Oil Bottle Wreath Peppermint Foot Lotion

Instant Pot

I am so grateful to Lacey Grim for saying the words “Instant Pot” in a doTERRA training last year. What a life-changing utterance! I whipped my cell phone out of my pocket and ordered one from Amazon before that class was even over. Oh, the peace and joy it’s brought to my life! Amazing food…
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