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Instant Pot

I am so grateful to Lacey Grim for saying the words “Instant Pot” in a doTERRA training last year. What a life-changing utterance! I whipped my cell phone out of my pocket and ordered one from Amazon before that class was even over. Oh, the peace and joy it’s brought to my life! Amazing food…
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Snow Day Tea

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dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Starts a Healing Center after Suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury

I love that Wellness Advocates are changing the world in SO MANY ways! February 8, 2016 The Awakenings Center helps brain injury survivors with chronic fatigue, anxiety, and other side effects. After experiencing a traumatic brain injury, doTERRA Wellness Advocate Deborah Schlag was inspired to provide empowerment and resources for others going through the healing…
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