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Petitgrain – for when everything’s over-excited

I was once called the Cardamom Queen because I love that oil so very, very much. In fact, when it was introduced at Convention, I burst into tears because I knew how much the respiratory support that oil offers would help my friend’s daughter, who at times in the past has struggled with maintaining good…
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Natural Design of Wellness

Your body was designed to work in specific ways. When it does, we say “we are well”, and when it doesn’t, we say “We are sick.” All too often in our culture, we say “We are sick” and instead of focusing on supporting the body’s natural ability to be well, we focus on the sickness,…
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A Standard of Wellness

There are so many different things you can do to improve your health – from essential oils to tai chi to oxygen therapy to this supplement and that … how do you even know where to start? I believe in a very simplistic approach to wellness: start from a point of wholeness – even a point…
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