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Rip Current

Helpful info for beach goers, especially in our home state of North Carolina. Guess what folks – there’s no oils for this. Just common sense. More common-sense beach tips: when you start to feel tired, get out for a while and rest! be sure to hydrate WAY more than you think you need to only…
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Summertime means watching out for ticks! Here are three ways to stay safe this summer: #1 – Use TerraShield. Many people add a few drops of Geranium and Lemongrass to the spray bottle for extra effectiveness against ticks (also keeps the skeeters away!) #2 – Check for ticks daily. Ticks can climb up from the…
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My counter-intuitive way to start the day

I’ve learned the hard way, on days that will be slammed with 100001 tasks and a deadline, to relax, begin my day well, and start late. Start late?!?!?!?! Sound counterintuitive? Sound counterproductive? Hear me out. When you have *that* to do list, your body enters into “panic” mode – that fight-or-flight mode that triggers a…
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