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Hack Summer!

Ready to hack summer? Here’s some great stuff from the doTERRA blog: Beach Hair, Don’t Care – Salt Spray for Scrunchy Waves DIY *Safe* Baby Powder – Bring this to get sand off you at the beach! Fourth of July Sugar Scrub – exfoliate for the best tan! DIY Non-Toxic Bubbles – Safe and fun! After Sun Spray –  For…
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Filling Capsules, Making Rollers: The dōTERRA Immunity Bomb

Filling capsules, making rollers. Learn about the dōTERRA immunity bomb, an essential oil blend we use to protect our health and immune system. Today’s video is called The dōTERRA Immunity Bomb or FLOOMP. This is what you’ll use all winter long to protect against seasonal threats. Adults can use capsules and babies and young children…
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Summer Danger: Jellyfish

Beachgoers beware – jellyfish live in the water. When you swim, you’re invading their territory and you should be watchful and cautious. While some jellies, like the Moon Jellyfish, are harmless and you may not even feel a tingle if you brush up against them, others like the Man O War (pictured here) and the…
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