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living the better life

The Better Life

Is it possible to live the better life? Would you like to seriously up-level yourself this year … for FREE? Dean Graziosi is offering a free 30-day challenge where you spend about 3 minutes a day shifting your mindset into a wealth and joy perspective. His Millionaire Success Habits book was life-changing for us. Will…
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Oils for a healthy head of hair

Did you know that you can use essential oils for hair? They promote overall hair health and growth, along with helping to detangle and even style your hair! While many hair products on the market are filled with chemicals, using essential oils for hair provides you with a safe, natural way to support beautiful locks. You can…
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Your Very Own Wellness Spa

Sure, you could buy bubble bath and bath salts and all manner of things that perfume you … but those things tend to have noxious chemicals and are really bad for your skin and nervous system. What if you could simply add essential oils to your shower or bath and have a true WELLNESS experience?…
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