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Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

You’ve heard it before… is your glass half full or half empty? Or you may have heard that in the spirit, it’s overflowing regardless of how it looks. Or that it’s only half-empty until you refill it. Or some other such nonsense. Oooh yes. Kay used the N-word. (I use that word a lot. Nonsense.…
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Filling Capsules, Making Rollers: The dōTERRA Immunity Bomb

Filling capsules, making rollers. Learn about the dōTERRA immunity bomb, an essential oil blend we use to protect our health and immune system. Today’s video is called The dōTERRA Immunity Bomb or FLOOMP. This is what you’ll use all winter long to protect against seasonal threats. Adults can use capsules and babies and young children…
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dōTERRA January 2018 Specials & Contests

Good news for you … doTERRA’s January 2018 Specials & Contests include: 😁 FREE Frankincense 😁 FREE Wild Orange  😁 10% off TerraGreens 😁 😁 Start Fresh Campaign (if you haven’t ordered in a while) 😁 😁 New Year New You (brand new enrollments) 😁 😁 Referral Contest  😁 200PV Contest  😁 Happy New Year! I find it amazing that New Year’s Day is a Monday this…
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