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Essential Oils for Realtors

Hello, Realtor friends! I’m sure you already know that many people are ditching chemical air fresheners and candles. Realtors, especially, are removing them from their home-showing plans because they contribute to indoor air pollution, give people headaches and congestion, and give the impression that something is being covered up. What smell are you trying to mask?… Read More Essential Oils for Realtors

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After reading about the wonderful service that fellow Wellness Advocate, Monica Barajas, is providing in her community, I thought I’d share her story here. Like most of us, Monica juggles a busy schedule, family life, work, and more, but she doesn’t let these responsibilities keep her from taking time to give back within her community. Whether she is… Read More Inspiration

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Overheard At Convention

Be sure to follow our posts on Facebook all this week for important and exciting news from doTERRA’s Convention in Salt Lake City! There will be tons of science and research, 23 new products, and all kinds of amazingness!! Check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/livingtheessentiallife/ Related Posts:Exclusive ResourcesTicksExperimenting With Your Family’s HealthTen Ways To Help Your… Read More Overheard At Convention

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