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Natural Design of Wellness

Your body was designed to work in specific ways. When it does, we say “we are well”, and when it doesn’t, we say “We are sick.” All too often in our culture, we say “We are sick” and instead of focusing on supporting the body’s natural ability to be well, we focus on the sickness,… Read More Natural Design of Wellness

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Healing the World

Nepal Relief

I am amazed that the earthquakes in Nepal were just the beginning of a terrible problem. Reading this article helped me to see that the after-math of the quake was just as bad, if not worse, as the earthquake itself. After the earthquake, people were at greater risk of infection, disease, and so much more,… Read More Nepal Relief

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No More Factory Farms

When the company owns the farm, the company profits. GMOs, Roundup, fertilizer, slave labor, unfair trade practices, and poverty all result from company-owned farms. A few get rich off the sweat of the many. When the people own the farm, and the company encourages them to form cooperatives and work together, utilizing empowered and sustainable growing practices,… Read More No More Factory Farms

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