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Essential Oils for Realtors

Hello, Realtor friends! I’m sure you already know that┬ámany people are ditching chemical air fresheners and candles. Realtors, especially, are removing them from their home-showing plans because they contribute to indoor air pollution, give people headaches and congestion, and give the impression that something is being covered up. What smell are you trying to mask?… Read More Essential Oils for Realtors

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Adrenal Fatigue

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Natural Design of Wellness

Your body was designed to work in specific ways. When it does, we say “we are well”, and when it doesn’t, we say “We are sick.” All too often in our culture, we say “We are sick” and instead of focusing on supporting the body’s natural ability to be well, we focus on the sickness,… Read More Natural Design of Wellness

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