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InTune is an amazing roller ball blend! Perfect for focus and clarity, for kids and adults! Helps with the squirmies, whether it’s math homework, taxes, or a boring meeting!  

Peppermint Beadlets

dōTERRA is our trusted brand for Peppermint oil because it’s edible and delicious, as well as being great for a wide range of wellness concerns. Peppermint beadlets are a great way to use peppermint essential oil! They’re basically a teeny-tiny drop of oil encapsulated. To use, simply pop one in your mouth and swallow or…
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Home and Office Diffusers

  There is so much science behind the statement I’m about to make: AROMA CHANGES THINGS. Having a positive scent experience can really change your mood – or the mood of your kids or co-workers! Even as I write this, I have the soothing-but-refreshing Geranium and Citrus Bliss oils in my diffuser. It sits at…
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