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Gluten Free Impossible Pie

They call it the impossible pie, but my friend, it’s so very easy, gluten free, and oh! so tasty. We’ve been travelling non-stop for five months. First it was Diamond Club, then it was time for The Real Santa. Because t’is the season, right? One of the things I learned during Diamond Club is that…
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earn fast start income in dōTERRA

Fast Start Calculator – Free Tool For Your Business

Fast Start income is a great measure of the health of your business. Here’s a free and awesome tool for dōTERRA Wellness Advocates. Using it will help you set REAL income goals and then easily achieve those goals. Simply input your appointments/sales conversations and totals for each of your front line and second line team…
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sharing is caring but you don't have to do an essential oils business to share

Referral or Business – You Decide!

Why making a referral may be better for you than “doing the business” of essential oils: Hi there, friend. You’ve said – adamantly, even – that you don’t want to start an essential oils business. I hear you.  I believe in this business, in the business model, in the oils, in the income potential, and…
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