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Instant Energy Boost

In that moment where you feel like a slug -there’s a solution.  Safer. Cheaper. More effective. Instead of reaching for the second or third cup of coffee, or an energy drink, or just sitting at your desk dozing off, try this: rub a single drop of Lemon essential oil on your foot, right in the…
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Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Oh the weather outside is frightful … but the oils are so delightful …  Go outside to play in the snow, then come inside and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa – and add a drop of cinnamon or cassia to it! You can use a cocoa mix (I’m very partial to the 365 Organic…
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Goo, be gone!

Earlier today, my amazingly sweet and wonderful husband installed an over-the-range microwave for me… and we got rid of the old countertop unit. Suddenly, I had a ton of counter space. I was practically singing with joy. That is, until realized that at some point in the last 2.5 years that the microwave sat in that…
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