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Get Essential Oils Into Your Home!

Essential oils are life-changing substances packaged in little brown bottles. We *only* use doTERRA because purity matters so much. We wouldn’t want to put a synthetic fragrance or alcohol (or worse) on our skin, in our air, or in our bodies. Most essential oil companies utterly fail that test (even companies that claim utmost purity and having control of the growing process).

Here’s what makes doTERRA different – it’s called CPTG (Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade).
1. Our oils are raised indiginously and sustainably by growers who love to work for us because we pay ethically.
2. Our oils never have anything evil in them.
3. We back that up with 3rd party lab testing and will reject oil that isn’t up to our standards.

Because of our purity standards, our oils are the ones chosen by clinical researchers, hospitals, and many physicians who use oils with their patients! In fact, doTERRA is spurring on an initiative to open clinics around the country where patients can see a doctor and get essential oil as part of treatment!

How will you use them? Easy-peasy (and don’t worry, we’ll teach you how!).

You’ll use Lavender for things like itchy skin irritations, relaxation, sleep, and a runny nose. You’ll want oils like Oregano, Melaleuca, and On Guard for supporting your body during seasonal threats and for cleaning your home. Oils like Peppermint and Breathe keep your airways open and emotions calm during those moments of high stress. You’ll want Lemon for cleansing your body and brightening your mood. DigestZen is for any sort of tummy troubles. Balance and Serenity help you to stay calm, cool, and collected with an added bonus of helping you get better sleep! Frankincense helps your body regulate itself on a cellular level. Plus we have amazing vitamins called LifeLong Vitality .. they are nutritionally sound and guaranteed to make you feel GREAT! There’s a lot more beyond that but don’t worry. We will get some powerful resources in your hands so you feel super-confident in using your new oils!

How do you get these amazing oils into your home? Also easy-peasy. The BEST way is by purchasing a starter kit. These kits save you money and give you benefits way beyond the initial oils purchase:

  1. You get your first year’s membership FREE (normally is $35) – members saves you 25% off retail.
  2. Save $$$ off the cost of purchasing the oils individually.
  3. Get personalized LIVE training via video chat on how to use your oils.
  4. Gain access to exclusive Facebook Groups and members-only training and events.
  5. With practice and resources, you’ll become confident in using oils for every single one of life’s little emergencies.
  6. With all kits, you can choose to be a Loyalty Rewards Customer* and get the oils and vitamins you need sent to you automatically. Each month you’re in the program you can earn free oils and other gifts!
  7. You’ll have a great start toward building a doTERRA business.*

Here are doTERRA’s two most popular kits:

Home Essentials Kit – 10 of the most popular oils with a diffuser. Handles all of lfe’s little emergencies. Most bottles are 250 drops (100+ uses from each bottle). $225.

Natural Solutions Kit – more oils PLUS upgraded diffuser PLUS cleaning supplies PLUS Deep Blue Rub PLUS hair care PLUS LLV Vitamins and other supplements PLUS a box to keep it all in (and more!) – $550 plus we’ll show you how to score another $100 in free oils.

We have kits to match any need (such as emotional aromatherapy or a cleanse) and any budget (start big with a One-Of-Everything Kit ($2650) or get your feet wet with one of our trial-size kits. 


We offer two options:

Do you already know which kit you want? Click here to let us know; for security we will call you to get your credit card info over the phone. We’ll also schedule your initial training for when your oils arrive. Don’t worry, we won’t try to up-sell you a bigger kit or do anything weird.

Not sure which kit will serve your family best? Click here to schedule a free live appointment via video chat. We’ll go over your wellness needs and concerns, talk about which oils will help most, and help you craft a plan to get them at the best price.

Note: You can also sign yourself up via doTERRA’s website, however if you don’t put in our member #625693 in the right spot when you do, you won’t get all of the perks of membership that we offer. You could REALLY miss out and we don’t want that. However, if you’re uncomfortable giving your credit card info over the phone, we can help you do it securely through doTERRA. 


* NOTE: Participating in Loyalty Rewards and building a business are TOTALLY optional perks of your membership. We show you how, and you decide if you want to. Nobody's ever going to bug you about doing either one. 🙂