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Experimenting With Your Family’s Health

Experimenting With Your Family’s Health

One common objection that Ken and I hear a lot is, “Well isn’t this just experimenting with your health? Shouldn’t health care be left to the professionals? After all, they know what they’re doing!”

To that, I’d like to offer my own story – the experimentations of doctors that nearly cost me my life or my family’s lives several times. Their approach to medicine is “Let’s try this drug, and then if it doesn’t work, we’ll try that drug, and if there’s side effects, we can add this other drug.”

  • Neurontin made me get so lost and so terrified in a familiar neighborhood that I nearly wrecked my car. It was a “let’s try this and see if it works” drug.
  • Cymbalta left my body in such a state that I was nearly diagnosed with advanced MS. It was a “let’s try this and see if it works” drug. When I came off it, I endured hellacious after-effects that lasted for months.
  • Depakote gave my son pancreatitis. It was a “let’s try this and see if it works” drug.
  • Protonix (an acid reducer) rendered my husband psychotic. Symptoms went away within two days of stopping the drug. It was a “let’s try this and see if it works” drug.
  • Welbutrin gave me a seizure so bad that I had effects from it for years, and still have broken teeth from the way it picked me up and threw me into the pavement. It was a “let’s try this and see if it works” drug.
  • A common non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug gave my daughter bruises all over her body. It was a “let’s try it and see if it works” drug.
  • Lidocaine gave me a seizure too – it was administered during a “Let’s try this procedure and see if it helps you” sort of experiment.
  • Bactrim toxed my adrenals out and made me very, very sick. It was a “let’s try this and see if it works” drug.

Our family is not atypical! When we tell our story, we hear from so many others who share similar experiences. Many are coming to realize that their doctors are simply experimenting with their health.

Now, I don’t want to throw doctors under the bus – most of them genuinely care for their patients, want to see their health improve, and are doing the best they can with the tools they’ve been given to work with. Unfortunately, FDA-approved drugs are extremely dangerous solutions to what are often rather simple problems. Not only that, but they have extremely unpredictable results.

So here’s my whole point:


When faced with the choice to reach for a pill bottle or a natural alternative, what will you choose? 

Empowered self care is a wellness journey. It’s a lifestyle; it’s a path to wholeness. 

Just like effective weight loss only comes through a true lifestyle change, wholeness only comes when we get on the path to wholeness and follow it.

Essential oils and other informed self care (herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, supplements, spirituality, foods, exercise, etc.) are not “health care” by the same definition as getting a prescription and heading to Walgreens. You don’t get wholeness out of a bottle. 

Here’s where the “empowered” part comes in – there are great resources to help you learn how to do this for yourself. There will be some experimenting involved. There, I said it – you will have to see what works for you and your body, what will work for your child’s body. The very same thing I accused the doctor of doing.

Picture it this way. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have a computer. You do routine maintenance on your computer – run a virus scanner, defrag the hard drive, clean out the vents and fan, delete the cache and cookies… right? Most people don’t need a computer professional (a consultant) to do this for them; they learned how to do it themselves. So, when something goes wrong, they start working through the things they know FIRST. They may even read up on a problem via Google search and experiment – if I move this, delete that, restart this, run this, will the problem be fixed?

We can do the same thing with our wholeness journey. Which is better for you right now, this minute – Melaleuca or something from Walgreens? Frankincense or arnica montana? Jogging or yoga or gym? There’s only one way to know – walk it out and see.

So what’s the difference?

Modern medicine prescribes powerful drugs with a myriad of side effects. They are synthetics concocted in a lab;  all contain fillers and chemicals unrelated to the drug itself, most contain GMO’s. Some are manufactured from known poisons such as fluoride, formaldehyde, aluminum, even cells from animals and aborted babies. Empowerment is virtually non-existent and patients who try to take charge of their health and make wise decisions about drugs are given the boot by their doctors for being “non-compliant” – and when parents make those decisions for their children, sometimes the State kidnaps them.

Informed self-care allows you to partner with God through His creation to discover what items He’s given to your body for healing. The products and processes are all-natural; they contain no synthetics, fillers, chemicals, or GMO’s. Side effects, though possible, are very few and very minimal. You get to decide what is working, what isn’t, make adjustments, even choose to seek out the advice of a consultant if you choose (naturopath, herbalist, holistic doctor, even a

Of course, in a life-threatening situation or with certain kinds of injuries, modern medicine excels and should be deployed immediately, with your natural care coming alongside. But in many situations, if we reach for the natural tools first, the synthetic tools are never needed.

The question is this – would you rather experiment with natural substances that are generally safe and side-effect free, or with synthetic chemicals concocted in a lab? Which do you think will actually help you to be WHOLE?

I do want to add a disclaimer – choosing what level of allopathic medical care (modern medicine) to participate in is a very personal choice. While we are telling our story, and obviously would love to help you start on this path of wholeness, we don’t want you to call up your doctor and fire him – especially if you have longstanding health conditions that you’ve been receiving treatment for. It can be extremely dangerous to simply stop taking chemical drugs (with some, you could die simply by ceasing to take them). Talk to your doctor about your wellness goals and establish a plan – some will simply augment treatment with oils, others will want to wean themselves off drugs and away from doctors altogether. You get to choose! This is what empowerment looks like. This is what wholeness looks like! 

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