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Apr 022014

QUESTION from someone new to doTERRA: “I’m finally looking through the site to see what my orders will be this month and I keep seeing PV? Can someone explain what is that and where is there more information on it? Thanks!”

ANSWER: PV means point value. Most products have a PV. Single oils and blends tend to be $1=1PV, and other products have less points attached to them.

The points are used for 5 purposes – and most of them revolve around your LRP order (the auto-ship, Loyalty Rewards Program):

#1 – FREE STUFF: you can earn a percentage of those points that you can apply toward free products in the future. You have to spend at least 50PV each month to earn points, and you have to spend at least something EVERY month to maintain the points or they go away. Each month when you log in to adjust your order, you’ll be given options for free products within that point range (if you have 33 points, you’ll see a dropdown “choose this” for all items 33PV or less). You can save points for up to 1 year (they do expire). Starting in May, you will also earn some points for shipping costs! 

#2 – EARN MONEY: You can earn commissions when you spend at least 100PV per month on an LRP. You have to have the LRP set up already in order to earn commissions when you enroll someone or they buy something through your site. No LRP = no commissions. While many people with wholesale membership choose not to do anything with the business side of things, many people enjoy some passive income after sharing doTERRA with a few friends (and others choose to actually work the business for a higher level of income). You never have to do the business in order to maintain your membership or have an LRP/earn points (see #1)

#3 – FREE PRODUCT: if you spend at least 125PV on your LRP order before the 15th of the month, you get the FREE product of the month (this month is lime). It has to be shipped prior to the 15th.

#4 – EARNINGS LEVEL: The point value of what someone spends on your site or through enrollment determines how much commission and fast start bonus you earn. There are also opportunities to earn more money when those you enroll set up an LRP of 100PV or more. 

#5 – PROMOTIONS: Sometimes there’s a promotion where any 200PV order gets a freebie (right now it’s Deep Blue oil & rub free!!). There are also promotions like Spring Blossoms,  where you can earn free Rose and Jasmine essential oils for sharing and enrolling people with 100+PV orders. 

Make sure when you set up your order, you set it up as an LRP order, so you earn commissions and get free stuff and qualify for promotions! If you have questions, ask me or your enroller to help you set it up through your back office. You can also get more basic info here on doTERRA’s website!

If you’re not already set up with a wholesale account, I’d love to help! Give me a call at 336.653.1203 – I can answer questions and enroll you right over the phone! 

Mar 182014

Another older post that I’m moving here from another place…


Our current economic situation is interesting, to say the least. Ken works full time at a large corporation. I work as an admin for a ministry (and sometimes two), plus do computer work, mostly from home – but not totally. We have several trips we must take this summer (including a trip to Tennessee for the birth of Allana, our second grandchild!) and some bills to pay off, plus we’re making the switch to healthy organic food.

We were doing fairly well with my income level, but when we started adding extra expenses, things got a little tight. So I did what many stay-at-homers do before Christmas – I took a part-time job outside the house. It doesn’t give us a ton of money, but the extra is helping to meet those needs without stress.

See, we’re not hard-liners here… being “at home” is the ideal, not the absolute. We must be flexible as we are good stewards of our finances.

So I’m doing caregiving for the SWEETEST 90-year old lady. She has some balance issues and can’t be alone, but is still fairly mobile and in a righter mind than most of us! I really love working with her.

The adjustment of going “back to work” has been a challenge, like any change. Can’t complain…Just got to press through.

The change in hours was maybe harder on Ken than me, given that some days, he gets home two or three hours before I do! We’ve had to figure out meals for those nights (using once-a-month cooking recipes and prep-cooking helps a lot). Ken has also had to get used to me being out of the house for big gaps of time, and we’re having to be more intentional about time together.

It’s also been a challenge to schedule all of the other work I’m doing, and keep those priorities straight. It hasn’t been hard or bad, it’s just something I’d never considered or had to do before. Again, we’re having to be more intentional with how we spend our time.

Is this something you’re considering doing? If so, there’s a number of things to consider. After all, studies show that working moms and even working non-parents tend to bring home far less than their hourly rate – and some even end up paying to work.

Calculate the costs of daycare, lunches, gas and vehicle maintenance, clothing for work, professional certifications, and so on, then decide it it’s worth it to pursue a part time job, even temporarily. If you’re looking at a PT job near minimum wage and you’re having to pay for child care or it’s far away, is it really worth it?

Mar 182014

Here is another blog post that I wrote as we began this journey.

There are so many options for making a living, especially for those of us with what society might call “alternative” views about home. Many people find it hard to decide upon a path and follow it.


Often, these decisions are dictated by economics.  For people whose spouse works full-time, or for people who have a stream of income that isn’t work-dependent (such as an annuity or retirement), it may be possible for one or both spouses to stay home full-time. Others may have to do some combination of the above – perhaps by doing home parties or freelancing, or by working part-time.

Ken and I are doing “almost all of the above” right now – he is working full-time outside the home, and I am working a home-based business part-time, telecommuting part-time, and also work a part-time job outside the home.

What is your dream? You have to start there. If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know when you get there! Sit down with your spouse and decide upon some factors that must happen in order to make this dream come true.

Do a budget and make some decisions – “When we have a total combined income of $_____ per month on a steady basis, we can afford to quit/go to part time/do something different”.

Decide what you can cut now (start with the cable or satellite bill) and bank that money. Make savings a big part of your planning.

Set some non-financial milestones – “When Kaylee gets her driver’s license” or “After we move to Birmingham”.

Be flexible. You might decide on something today and set a goal, but then realize that you’ve met the need sooner, or that the goal was unrealistic. You might also be 100% at-home and then need to switch (as we did) to being a part-time worker.

Relax. Although it’s important and probably is a core value for you to be at home, if you get all stressed out and focused solely on this, you or your spouse will come to resent it.

Trust the Lord. Amen. :)

Mar 182014

Here’s a blog post I wrote a ways back when we joined doTERRA. I’m actually looking to transition out of doing web and graphics work at this point!

Well – I’ve finally made it. I’m 100% working from home now. It’s been a long walk home, and it’s good to be here.

The reason I haven’t written in a long time is because I have been WORKING – hard and diligently – from home. In fact, it’s Christmas morning so I’m actually NOT WORKING, but I did want to take a few minutes to write and tell you how I’ve made it. Does that mean I’m working today? I hope not.

First – I’m doing web, admin and graphics work on contract for several ministries. Three of them pay me a monthly fee, and another gives me an offering when they have me do stuff.

Second – I’m also doing web and graphics work for several small businesses. One pays by the hour, the others pay by the job. I even have two clients who are representatives for Thrive Foods who pay me in food, which is awesome because the food is awesome! (If you need a contact let me know)

Third – and this is the biggest thing – Ken and I became independent consultants with doTERRA.This one thing is what is propelling us out of the idea that I’m ever going to work outside of home again. Eventually, I’ll drop most of my web/admin/graphics clients (there are two that I’ll keep as long as they need me though!) Also eventually, this business will bring Ken home from having to work an hourly job (we predict within a year).

The premise is simple – doTERRA makes incredible essential oils that are pure (ingestible) and extremely beneficial for one’s health. We share those oils with people everywhere we go, teach classes, and show people how to get the oils and use them. Easy-peasy. People are interested in and excited about the oils because (drum roll please -:-:-:-:- they REALLY WORK and when they sample them, they immediately see that they really work!) Some people buy them at retail and some buy them at wholesale with membership and some inspire others to buy them. We build a team, train and offer support, to those who want to be consultants. We also make self-care items (everything from flu bombs to lotions and scrubs). The company rewards us well for our efforts, plus we have the added benefit of growing healthier ourselves!

You can do it too … visit http://mydoterra.com/sharpe and click the join link! 

Feb 132014


Oh the weather outside is frightful … but the oils are so delightful … 

Go outside to play in the snow, then come inside and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa – and add a drop of cinnamon or cassia to it!

You can use a cocoa mix (I’m very partial to the 365 Organic mix from Whole Foods) or you can mix 1/4 unsweetened cocoa powder, 1/2 cup sugar, a dash of salt and 1/3 cup hot water and cook on the stove until hot, then add 4 cups of milk.  Stir in vanilla if desired, and a drop of cinnamon or cassia (you could also use peppermint and experiment with wild orange!)


You can also add a single drop of cinnamon or cassia to homemade whipped cream (throw half a cup or so of whipping cream, a spoonful or two of sugar, and a drop of EO into the kitchenaid and let it whip!).

You’ll love the flavor AND you’ll love that it helps to keep your blood sugar stable, keeps germs at bay, soothes your tummy, and naturally stimulates you and perks you up!

Feb 112014

Here’s a great talk by Dr. Hill about cleansing and detoxification: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdLfI9FFdyg  It’s simple – anyone can do it! Contact me if you’d like to get more info or order any of the products he mentions. I use them myself and love them!

Jan 272014

Are you curious about how we’re losing so much weight? Want to know how to do it yourself? Check out the post on our sister blog, Eat Food Not Filler: http://eatfoodnotfiller.com/our-life-plan-not-a-diet/

Jan 242014

We’ve been making flu bombs for everyone we know this winter … all it is, really, is a few drops of essential oil in a capsule. Take it every couple of hours. Just for a day or two. Use another oil to help with congestion or cough. Simple.

I’ve had people come RUNNING up to me, hugging, dancing around, hollering “WHAT’S IN THIS STUFF AND HOW DO I GET SOME?”

Frankincense, Oregano, On Guard, Melaleuca, Lemon & Peppermint. That’s all.

We tell people to try it once if they’ve been exposed, or if they come down with symptoms, to just do it for a day. We offer no guarantees (the FDA prohibits us from doing that) but we can say that nobody who’s tried it has complained, while everyone we know who’s sticking with the FDA-approved over the counter and prescription drugs is saying that they’re not working.

So we can’t say anything but … well, just saying.

Want some? Give us a call at 336.653.1203. We do classes all the time (three scheduled this week) on using essential oils for health and wellness. We’d love for you to come, or we can meet/skype/talk on the phone, too.