Are you ready to live an Essential Life?

All over the world, people are praying for two things - health and finances. We offer simple but powerful tools to answer those needs.

Be The Healer In Your Home

Use essential oils to bring wholeness to the whole family! dōTERRA's oils are safer, cheaper, more effective, and empowering! Get a wholesale membership today! We provide full training.

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Heal Your Financial Situation

After you become a wholesale member, you are able to qualify for commissions. You don't HAVE to, but many WANT to get their own oils paid for, earn some side money, or even earn significant income. Here's how!

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Powerful Tools

If you have qualified to earn commissions (or would like to learn how to do that), we provide powerful tools to help you earn income.

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Nepal Relief

I am amazed that the earthquakes in Nepal were just the beginning of a terrible problem. Reading this article helped me to see that the after-math of the quake was just as bad, if not worse, as the earthquake itself. After the earthquake, people were at greater risk of infection, disease, and so much more,…


Making a difference

Are you ready to make a difference in the world – in people’s health and finances – are you ready to change lives and get paid for it – are you ready to be the answer to people’s prayers? (Natalie Goddard – paraphrased)