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Does Your Life Really Matter?

Hint: Yes, It Does! But...

Are you living the kind of life you want to live? 

Do you want to make an impact on the world? Do you want to live a life that REALLY matters? Do you want to get essential oils into your home and life? Living The Essential Life can help you get the best essential oils at the best prices! We offer wellness coaching, lifestyle coaching, and business coaching to people all over the world. Incorporating doTERRA essential oils into your home, office, medical practice, or business will change your life by truly taking charge of your health! Please check out our blog for all sorts of delicious lifestyle articles. We share a lot about spirit, soul, and body… the essential life isn’t only about oils or even wellness. We’ve got amazing recipes, DIY’s, fun activities, relationship articles, and more. Want to get right into it? Schedule an appointment with us. You’ll definitely want to like us on Facebook, too.

Grab a coffee (or a glass of wine!) and follow us (and our fun and foibles) in our blog. We blog and vlog about everything – family, food, health, fishing, home, places we go and people we meet.

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After using assorted brands of essential oils for 25+ years, we tried dōTERRA. After exclaiming, “OH! I can FEEL that!” we began to take charge of our health and help others do the same.

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You can have a lucrative business of your own, helping people to take charge of their health. Choose to earn side money or replacement income with a low investment & full training.

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Kay & Ken Sharpe

We are passionate lovers of Jesus, people, and essential oils. We dedicate our lives to helping others live the essential life and our desire is to help everyone we meet get essential oils into their home. Although based in Wilmington, NC, we travel extensively to help our team train and equip people worldwide. We have three children and (so far) five grandchildren. We’re also foodies and have fun starting (and sometimes finishing) craft and home projects. In our spare time, we can be found fishing on a beach somewhere (Except in December, when Ken spends his time Santa Clausing all over North Carolina).

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The Pathway To An Essential Life

Four key areas to address:


When your spirit is properly aligned with Spirit, there is a resulting synergy that flows through your soul and body and into all of the world.

Get Back On Track

Caring for your soul is paramount. Everything in the world conspires to bring you down – it’s up to you to practice good self-care and bring yourself UP.

Love Yourself!

Health truly is wealth. A healthy body is one that is able to adapt and excel in all circumstances. We were created to look, feel, and be great! Don’t settle for less.

Healthy Body

Whether it’s spouse and children, extended family, friendships, work, worship, or charity, relationships are a foundational part of an essential life.

Nurture Connections

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We have a team of nearly 1000 customers and business builders world-wide and we’re growing daily! We love to do wellness coaching and help you get essential oils into your home. Meet some of our leaders here:

Kathy Gunter - Shalom Oils - Get Essential Oils - Living The Essential Life

Kathy Gunter

High Point, NC

Dr. Michael Teal - Holly Teal - Hepzibah Essentials - Get Essential Oils - Living The Essential Life

Dr. Michael & Holly Teal

Greensboro, NC

Dee Foister - Get Essential Oils - Living The Essential Life

Dee Foister

Greensboro, NC

Jaylene LaClair - Appointed Essentials - Get Essential Oils - Living The Essential Life

Bobby & Jaylene LaClair

Sneads Ferry, NC

Deborah Karstetter - Get Essential Oils - Living The Essential Life

Deborah Karstetter

High Point, NC

Nancy Kessinger - Get Essential Oils - Living The Essential Life

Nancy Kessinger

High Point, NC

Lynn Jennette - Get Essential Oils - Living The Essential Life

Lynn Jennette

Winston-Salem, NC

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Remember, getting essential oils into your home is a great gift for your family. Imagine … next time your beloved is grumpy, your stomach is wonky, your head is achy, your kids are wild, or your heart is blue, you can reach for a powerful, natural, and SAFE essential oil. Oils change your health and change the world! We ONLY use doTERRA oils because they are the purest, most potent, and most empowering essential oils in the world.